Full business stationary for Fugenwerk created at BitFriends.

A very extensive project was the creation of a website and business estationary for Fugenwerk. Peter Fuge is a local craftsman who does work "all around the house" for his numerous clients.

For this project, a complete business equipment was designed and implemented from scratch. This included the creation of a logo, a graphic "mascot", the website, business cards, flyers and car lettering.


Peter Fuge is a local craftsman who offers work "all around the house". This is also reflected in the logo. The name "Fugenwerk" was already established as an analogy to the surname and is used in the logo and for the domain. The diagonal alignment of the logo brings dynamic into it. This stands for the active work of the craftsman. This word-picture brand is complemented by the slogan "Praktische Lösungen für Haus und Hof (Practical solutions for house and yard)".

Caharacter "Maskot"

Peter Fuge is a very nice person, whose positive charisma should be portrayed in a graphic character. This is used for the recognition of the craftsman over the whole range of his business equipment.

Business Cards

Business cards are the easiest way to pass on important contact data personally. The best advertising is word-of-mouth propaganda and this is the fastest way to spread Peter Fuge's contact details. The logo and character are also used here.


The printed business stationery is supplemented by flyers, which are displayed at much frequented locations, e.g. the local supermarket. In addition to the business card, further information about the work of Peter Fuge can be shown here.


Since Peter Fuge is active in many places, the company car also became an advertising medium. With the most important data and information it is the "rolling" business card.


The business equipment is getting completed with a search engine optimized, responsive website. This page is realized and implemented with the content management system So it can be maintained and updated by the client himself.
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