3D Models

Voxel graphics created with Magica Voxel.

Through a Creative Streamer on Twitch I came across the software "Magica Voxel". With this software you can easily create 3D models with voxels. Voxels are the smallest unit of a 3D model and are equivalent to the pixel in 2D raster graphics. Voxel models are an alternative to typical 3D models that consist of compound polygons. There are also already many games created with the voxel technique.

Besides 3Ds Max and Blender, I also started to create 3D models with voxels with Magica Voxel. In the course of "Voxel February" 2018 and 2019 I created a model with a timelapse video on each day.

Here you can watch the timelapse videos of the models: Voxel Project on Youtube