Logo, Banner and Panel design for Aron_dc's Twitch Channel.

Aron has been streaming various indie and retro games on Twitch for several years now. Through contacts with game developers and the resulting potential cooperation with them, Aron wanted a professional and well looking channel design and a redesign of his logo.

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As a big fan of the Fallout series, the logo should follow the Fallout logo without looking like a copy. The green-orange combination was already a color scheme.

Channel Banner

A banner was also created for the Twitch channel, which contains the logo and other brief information about the channel.

Offline Banner

This is the "big" channel banner that you see first on the channel page. With the friendly colors it looks very inviting. It is also designed with the appropriate information about status and social media.


More detailed information can be found on each channel page below in the panels. Here again the logo form and colours were taken up and supplemented with corresponding icons.