Graphic Design

Digital & Print

Good graphics are worked thoughtfully with love for details. They reflect the owner's field of activity and personality. Whether as a company or as an individual, the project will be analysed for everyone and how the customers should be addressed. The consultant appears differently than the streamer. But in both cases customers or viewers should be reached accordingly.

Digital graphics

I work in many areas and I am always open for new ideas and fields of work. At the moment my focus is on creating graphics for websites, social media profiles, streaming profiles as well as small animations and 3D graphics.

Streaming graphics

Since I have been streaming my work on Twitch and Mixer on a regular basis for several years now, I have gained a lot of experience in the design of streams. There are many good providers with premade overlays, logos and animations that I like to use. But I also create them myself if you want them to be individual and not "off the rack".

Print design

Peter Fuge business stationery

This digital graphic design is complemented by the classic print design in the area of business stationery. This includes business cards, flyers, folders, advertisements, car lettering and much more. The graphic illustrations include hand-drawn graphics and sketches, pixel and vector graphics. The latter are mainly used for flexible scalability.

Logo design

The logo design is a bit more complex but nevertheless important. A brand logo should be simple, unique and at the same time concise and memorable. This can be a font logo, image logo or an abstract logo. The focus here is on scalability and optimal use in different media and, very importantly, the professional and meaningful presentation of the company.

Of course there are no limits to creativity and even more unusual projects are interesting. I always provide comprehensive advice and, with an eye on the target group, I respond to customer wishes.